​ Indian crude steel output in 2017-18 FY surges by 5pct YoY to 102.2 million tonnes

PTI citing latest JPC data reported that India’s crude steel output grew 3.6% to 9.07 million tonne during March 2018 up 3.6% YoY as compared to 8.76 million tonne in March 2017. PTI report does not mention the 2017-18 FY crude steel production number. However, by adding the above reported March volume to April’17-February’18 figure of 93.183 million tonne, as reported in Feb’18 DO report of JPC, Indian crude steel production for last FY works out to 102.243 million tonnes up by 5% YoY as compared to 97.385 million tonnes in FY 2016-17.钢铁

As JPC has restricted the access to this monthly MIS, other details like hot metal prediction, total steel production for sale, imports, exports and consumption etc are not available as yet.

Empowered by Ministry of Steel, Joint Plant Committee (JPC) is the only institution which collects data on the Indian iron and steel industry. But surprisingly, unlike similar government agencies in other countries and region including worldsteel etc, JPC in an update in its website said that it has restricted the access to this information only for paid subscribers. It said “Please note that Secretary DO report (March 2018 Issue onward) will be available only for subscribers of JPC MIS Report. For subscription enquiries, you may write to us at jpc.subscription@gmail.com.”

Thus we are reproducing the Indian steel sector performance for April-February 2017-18 for your information

Total Finished Steel Quantity YoY
Production for sale 95.319 2.8
Import 6.999 5.6
Export 8.911 34.6
Consumption 81.943 7.6
Crude Steel Production 93.183 4.5

In million tonne

Source : JPC